Philanthropy Advisors Global Special Interest Group

The group focuses on enhancing the strategic nature of giving and social investing to raise the status of private client philanthropy advisory and help encourage further professionalism. Both STEP members and non-members alike are welcome to join this special interest group

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The Philanthropy Programme
Special Interest Spotlight Week
Choose from 21 one-hour virtual specialist sessions, including three webinars from the Philanthropy Advisors SIG:

● Effective Giving Locally (30 November,13:00 GMT/UTC)
● Advisors Helping Their Clients to Bridge the Funding Gap (3 December,9:00 GMT/UTC)
● Different Models of Philanthropy Delivery (4 December,15:30 GMT/UTC)
Webinar: Exploring Impact Investing Trends Resulting from COVID-19 and its Aftermath
The impact that the current crisis could have on philanthropy, social investment and impact investment in the long term is difficult to determine, but it can certainly play a key role in addressing the number of economic and societal issues that this crisis has produced.

Wednesday 21 October, 08.30 GMT/UTC
COVID-19: Philanthropy Emergency Response Reference Guide
Timely and relevant information on mitigating the impact of COVID-19 through philanthropy and how to best support clients through the process.

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