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Below we list pre-recorded webinars and webcasts, which are available to watch on-demand.

New web events will be added to this library regularly.


July: Webinar - The Advisor’s Responsibility: Wealth Stewardship, Social Equity, and Building Back Better

This webinar, hosted by STEP’s Philanthropy Advisors Special Interest Group (SIG), considers responsible stewardship of wealth in advancing social equity and the role of advisors on these issues in today’s climate.

June: Webinar - The Future Philanthropy Client - Navigating the Differences Across the Generations

This webinar was one of four events in the 2020 Philanthropy Programme series, jointly hosted by STEP’s Philanthropy Advisors Special Interest Group (SIG) and Philanthropy Impact. It discusses the dynamics and influences at play between different generations as to how they believe their social impact investment efforts should progress.

June: Webinar - Tax and estate planning for US persons with foreign assets

Michelle Graham, a partner in the private client and tax team of Withersworldwide, addresses issues to look for when planning for a US person with foreign assets; how to take title, including a discussion on foreign entity options; estate planning documents to consider; and US tax compliance matters. This web event is free to access but requires registration.

May: Webinar - Core Components of a Professional Philanthropy Advisory Practice

This webinar was one of four events in the 2020 Philanthropy Programme series, jointly hosted by STEP’s Philanthropy Advisors Special Interest Group (SIG) and Philanthropy Impact. Clients seeking help from their advisors with their philanthropic activities has doubled in the past few years; this discussion highlights the perspectives of both advisors and clients, with panelists examining how advisors can prepare (in addition to their normal activities and general services) to support their clients.

May: Webinar - Should we be concerned by the Guernsey Court of Appeal's decision in Rusnano?

Speakers: Bryan De Verneuil-Smith and Simon Davies of Ogier. To access this web event please contact STEP Guernsey at stepguernsey@step.org


September: Webinar - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report - What does it mean for wealth holders?

Laurie Lane-Zucker, Founder & CEO of Impact Entrepreneur and Gina Pereira TEP, CEO and Founder, Dāna Philanthropy and Co-Chair, STEP Philanthropy Advisors Special Interest Group discuss the impact on wealth holders of the high profile IPCC report released in 2018, which makes a number of policy recommendations to governments for systems transitions to strengthen the global response to climate change in the context of sustainable development. This web event requires registration and payment.

March: Webcast - A guide to the General Data Protection Regulation for trust and estate practitioners

Edward Hayes, Burges Salmon LLP, explains what the EU GDPR means in practice for trust and estate practitioners. In particular, it discusses how to identify the personal data of clients, which lawful grounds for processing it are likely to be relevant, what additional grounds are required for special category data and how and when to provide information to data subjects (including beneficiaries). It also covers data subjects’ rights and how those rights interact with existing trust law. This web event requires registration and payment.

February: Webcast - The EU Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive

Emily Deane TEP discusses the EU Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive and concerns around its implementation. This web event requires registration and payment.

January: Webcast - EU Directive on Administrative Cooperation in the Field of Taxation (DAC6) and the Model Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDR)

Samantha Morgan TEP, RMW Law LLP, discusses DAC6 and the OECD MDRs. This webcast will assist with your understanding of the Directive as well as reportable cross-border arrangements, intermediaries, and who and when the information should be reported. This web event requires registration and payment.


April: Webcast - The Criminal Finances Act and its application for trustees, family offices and charities

Samantha Morgan TEP, RMW Law & Alana Petraske, Withers discuss the potential exposures for trustees, family offices and charities, based in the UK and offshore, and the practical preventative measures that they can take to mitigate potential liability under these offences.

March: Webcast - Challenging the paradigm that 'doing well' and 'doing good' are mutually exclusive: exploring B Corps and Benefit Corporation legislation

William H. Clark, Jr., Of Counsel, Drinker Biddle and Reath LLP and pro bono legislative counsel to B Lab and Gina M. Pereira, TEP, Dāna Philanthropy CEO and Founder, Barrister and Solicitor examine the factors encouraging corporations to adopt business models that incorporate responsibility, sustainable business practices, and equitable operations, certifying as B Corps and/or incorporating under a benefit corporation legislation model.

March: Webcast - HMRC's Requirement to Correct provisions & Failure to Correct penalties

June: Webinar - The battle of good intentions: charities versus CRS

Gina M. Pereira TEP and Peter Cotorceanu TEP explore the applicability of CRS to charities, the potential impact on the charitable sector and planning opportunities.

June: Webinar - CRS and trustees

John Riches TEP and Samantha Morgan TEP of RMW Law consider the practical aspects of reporting trusts under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS).


March: Webcast - Randall v Randall: post mortem

Barrister Mark Baxter of 5 Stone Buildings talks about standing to challenge a will to bring a contentious probate claim,with particular reference to the England & Wales Court of Appeal’s decision in Randall v Randall.

March: Webcast - Scots adult incapacity law: and introduction for other jurisdictions

Adrian Ward TEP of TC Young LLP provides a lesson for practitioners outside Scotland on adult incapacity law in the jurisdiction.

February: Webcast - Proprietary estoppel

Barrister Miranda Allardice of 5 Stone Buildings, examines recent cases relating to the principle of proprietary estoppel – an area that has been particularly active in recent years at least in part due to the rise in land and property values.

February: Webcast - Philanthropy and the impact of regulatory disclosure: anonymity in a transparent world

Gina M. Pereira TEP, Dana Philanthropy LLC, considers the unprecedented levels of disclosure both nationally and internationally faxing charities, their beneficiaries and their donors.

January: Webcast - The application of Islamic Law in the context of trusts

David Russell QC TEP speaks to Mahmoud Mostafa of Pinsent Masons LLP about the exclusion of an otherwise applicable foreign law to trusts on grounds of Islamic public policy.

January: Webcast - New Worldwide Disclosure Facility

Richard Morley TEP of BDO LLP discusses UK HMRC’s Worldwide Disclosure Facility and suggests what practitioners should disclose, and what issues they should be aware of.


November: Webcast - What is Blockchain technology and how will it impact upon the private wealth sector?

James Brockhurst TEP of Gowling WLG explains how blockchain can hold financial assets, and explores its use in non-financial applications.

October: Webcast - Ilott v Mitson: a modern Jarndyce?

Sarah Haren and Eliza Eagling, from 5 Stone Buildings, consider numerous issues raised by Ilott v Mitson, including a lack of financial provision for an adult child and issues of estrangement.

October: Webcast - Loss of mental capacity by a company director

Jocelyn Fox TEP of Slater and Gordon asks how capacity is judged for a company director and whether an incapable director can be removed from office.

September: Webcast - CRS and charitable trusts

STEP’s Emily Deane TEP examines how new tax transparency legislation, notably the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard (CRS), applies to charitable trusts and foundations.

September: Webcast - Trusts and the PSC Register

Josh Lewison of Radcliffe Chambers examines how Part 21A of the UK Register of Persons with Significant Control affects trusts and trustees

July: Webcast - Helping financial deputies and trustees through the investment maze

Saul Djanogly, Best Interests Consultants, examines a trustee’s duty of care when it comes to investment fees and charges for investments on behalf of clients.

July: Webinar - Patel v Mirza: Supreme Court decision on illegality

Professor Graham Virgo considers the judgment handed down by the UK Supreme Court in Patel v Mirza where, by a majority, the court has adopted a quite different test for determining whether illegality is a bar to relief which will be of great importance for trusts.

June: Webcast - Dual compliant solutions

Simon Gorbutt TEP, Danilo Santucci, Elena Zafirova TEP and Daniel Welker of Lombard International Assurance S.A. explain how dual compliant insurance and annuity solutions can be used for clients with fiscal and planning concerns in both Europe and the US.

June: Webcast - Cell phones don't work in heaven: estate planning for digital assets

Kerry Bornman TEP, Three Stone, discusses the meaning of digital assets and sets out the legal position in the UK and US. She suggests what concerns to raise with clients when carrying out estate planning.

May: Webcast - Charity investment and governance issues

Julie Hutchison TEP, Standard Life Wealth, looks at the benefits and use of an investment policy statement, and also considers how to approach the topic of ethics, within the context of the legal framework in this area.

May: Webcast - Backwards tracing

Alan Sheeley explains asset tracing and following and examines the case for and against backwards tracing in the light of Brazil v Durant International Corp[2015] UKPC 35 and the UK Privy Council's ruling.

April: Webcast - From FATCA to CRS (2016)

George Hodgson explains some of the main differences between FATCA and CRS, which may trap the unwary.

March: Webcast - Estate planning in Canada: What's in store for 2016

Rachel L Blumenfeld TEP, Miller Thomson LLP, discusses the future of testamentary trust planning, probate planning and US compliance issues for Canadians.

February: Webcast - The DIFC Wills and Probate Registry

Yann Mrazek explains the new DIFC Wills and Probate Registry – the first of its kind in the MENA region – which provides a system for non-Muslim individuals with assets in Dubai to register English language wills, allowing for the distribution of their estate as set out in their registered wills, and to have their wills probated through the exclusive jurisdiction of the DIFC courts.