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Branch Handbook

We have developed a Branch Handbook to explain everything you need to know to successfully run your Branch or Chapter:

STEP Branch Handbook 2020

Branch Handbook 2020 (PDF 1,706KB)

We hope you find this useful. If you have any suggestions of content to include in future editions, please contact us

N.B. STEP Canada has a separate branch manual, and while much of the Handbook is relevant to Canadian branches, there may be some areas that Canada manages differently. For more information on this please contact STEP Canada




Key information on governance is included in the Branch Handbook (see above). For further information, please see our Governance pages

Professional standards

Part of your terms and conditions of committee membership are to be aware of and to adopt certain standards. These standards are set out in two key documents:

Complaints or concerns

If you have any concerns about a matter affecting your branch or region, whether a member may be under investigation by a local regulator or police, an issue is under scrutiny in local media, or for any other reason you have questions or concerns, please contact STEP's Professional Standards Manager, Sarah Manuel, who can assist you and provide advice, which may resolve or diffuse a situation before it escalates.

Help and support

Further to the advice set out in the Branch Handbook, below are various tools and resources you may find useful.

NEW: 'How-to' sessions - What you need to know as a branch committee member

A new suite of presentations have been produced to guide committee members through some key areas that will help you to successfully run your Branch or Chapter.

Please do share these with all members of your committee.

The presentations have been designed to be deliberately succinct. However, if you would like further guidance on any of the topics, please do contact the relevant staff member who would be happy to speak to you and/or your committee.

If there are any additional topics that you would like to see covered, please do get in touch with Hannah Maloney at

Conference and event planning

Good Practice Framework: We have developed a framework for branches and regions to use in relation to conference organisation and management. This includes:

Virtual events:

Data Protection

  • All committee members must ensure they at all times adhere to STEP's Data Protection Guidelines when dealing with personal information. These Guidelines have been updated in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Branches that do not adhere to these Guidelines will have their access to Branch Reports revoked.
  • When holding an event, there are various data protection considerations that must be followed. These are outlined on pages 68-70 of the Branch Handbook. The following Data Processing Clause must be included in all sponsor contracts where any delegate information is shared and or processed by a sponsor.
  • Data Processing Clause for Sponsor Contracts


  • Branch reports: Contact us to get up-to-date listings of your members. Committee members need to have signed a data protection form before they can be sent this information. For help contact
  • Branch webpages: All branches and chapters have a branch webpage - these can be searched here. You can customise your branch webpage (to include useful resources and information) by contacting the web team at
  • Uploading branch events: You should upload all of your branch events to the STEP Events Calendar so that they can be included in STEP's newsletters and publications, as well as automatically displayed on your branch webpage. For help uploading events, contact the web team at

Branding, marketing and media

  • Brand: Our Brand Toolkit includes brand guidelines, logos and logo usage guidelines, fonts and templates (Word, Powerpoint, and Branch Newsletter) for branches to use.
  • Marketing: In 2018 we launched a global member recruitment campaign, Grow with STEP. We have developed a Grow with STEP Toolkit for branches and chapters, providing everything you need to integrate the campaign into your local activities
  • Press and media: Download a Media Toolkit for news release tips and templates, STEP's media policy and key STEP messages.
  • Social media: STEP and social media: guidelines for Branches and Chapters provides guidance on the basic uses of social media, STEP’s worldwide channels; and how Branches and Chapters can make the most of social media.

Other useful resources

  • Employer Partnership Programme: Our team have pulled together a couple of documents - EPP Key Messages and an EPP Briefing for Branches - for use by committee members to help answer questions about the programme or to deliver a briefing.
  • CPD certificates: STEP has designed a template CPD certificate, available to branches whenever they need to issue a certificate of attendance. Branch officers can contact for templates and advice.
  • Committee recognition: We have designed a certificate that can be handed out to branch officers that are stepping down, as acknowledgment of their service. To order copies for your branch, get in touch
  • Court orders for personal representative appointments: Branch chairs in England and Wales may receive a court order asking them to nominate a STEP member to be the substitute personal representative of an estate in administration. We have produced a Briefing Note to explain how to proceed in these instances.